Man Manages To Only Smoke 1 Joint On A Friday And Saves Weed For Another Day

Posted on September 09 2016

In a strange turn of events this week,it has been found that a man named Dan Johnson, 27, from Ohio said he would only be smoking one joint to his friends on a Friday night and actually went through with it. It is currently unknown how exactly the man managed this herculean task but some have speculated.

Reports from those close to Mr Johnson suggest that it isn’t something that has ever happened before and one friend claims he was left ‘gob-smacked’ and further went on to say, “he came round to my yard as usual for a Friday night, at first he looked ready for a big smoke, and I mean this in the sense that he looked the same as he usually does when we have a big smoke every Friday evening/night, then he started talking all this about how he can’t stay long and how he was only going to smoke one joint as he wanted to save his pot.”

Mr Johnson allegedly arrived at his friend's house around 6:30 pm on Friday and proceeded to explain to his five friends who were present that he was only ‘chilling for one joint’, after talking the talk, Dan Johnson proceeded to walk the walk and left his friend's house having smoked only one joint.

“He said he wanted to save his weed, Dan rolls really shitty joints so I find this kinda unlikely as he normally asks if someone else can roll for him, strange how he’s never picked it up,” says one friend considering Dan’s motives,  going on to say, “A couple of us think it’s a woman or a man, we’d be totally cool if it was a man we’re all pretty open, luring him away from his bros.”

We’ll keep you posted on this story as more information comes in, while this is not the first time something like this has happened it is nonetheless rare.


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  • MrLoudPacks : September 10, 2016

    Hahahaha what the fuck?!?!

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