Looking at the study that found cannabis users to be more successful

Posted on July 14 2017

We all know the cartoon image, the stereotype of every stoner being lazy and/or unsuccessful and possibly jobless and if you don’t then just picture Shaggy from Scooby Doo and you’ll get what I mean. Apparently, however, that is absolute rubbish. A new study carried out in two legalized states in America, California, and Colorado has garnered some pretty interesting results. Surveying both consumers and abstainers, the study found that the average household income for consumers was $93,800 compared to the $70,000 average for abstainers in California. The results in Colorado echoed this, with 64% of consumers having full-time jobs and a family whereas only 54% of those who choose to abstain are in full-time employment and 55% had started families.

On top of this, almost half of the Colorado consumers surveyed concurred that they were more satisfied with life at present as opposed to a year ago, the figure was slightly less for abstainers (around 4/10.) In Colorado, 36 percent of consumers described themselves as “very social people”, whereas only 28 percent of marijuana avoiders said the same. The figures of the study carried on in much the same trend across other areas such as romantic/love life and the like. Now, I would like to get into some analysis and opinion.

First of all, let me state what we (tokers) were all thinking, we have known this for years. Not to sound funny, because I really do appreciate the results of this study as quantifiable data which can be used as evidence, but I have discussed for many years the ignorance which goes hand in hand with the stereotype of ‘stoners’ as ‘losers’.

The reason I appreciate the study is simply because it is hard for those who are downtrodden to get back up to standing, sometimes you need a respected, objective source to convince others. Let me give you an analogy, it’s like if you are constantly being bullied at school, you are likely not going to be able to convince the bullies that you are, indeed, cool, sometimes all it takes is another kid (with some level of respect) such as an older brother, older friend or just someone who is fond of you and also very popular to say to the bully, “back off,” or tell them to stop and then convince them of your cool.



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