Lliving In A World Where Marijuana Tests Safer Than Food

Posted on October 26 2016

We live in a world ripe with uncertainty, not always a bad thing, it makes for some banging news days but also some tragic ones which make us question the very nature of humanity. Some are polarising and many entertain us in some way and in equally many ways deeply upset or anger us. One such case came to my attention this morning, in an article concerning the food in Oregon being less safe than the marijuana. While I do understand that marijuana is not a particularly dangerous substance, as with anything with medicinal properties, there is a margin for error in terms of what can help your body can equally damage it if used incorrectly. Now food is a bit different, it can be unhealthy and bad for you in the long term, but in terms of what could be medically tested (small amounts e.g. one portion) it shouldn’t be described as not ‘safe’.

I am unsure which this speaks louder for, the safety of marijuana or the lack of quality in mass-market food. The idea that the two could even be compared seems kind of ridiculous. The dangers of food are something covered less on advertisements and in schools than the threat of marijuana, however, it would appear that certain types of food should be added to said curriculum.

The study generally referred to the level of pesticides found in most vegetables and other produce,unfortunately the article I read does not name names of the producers.It would seem we are living in a brave new world, one where food is a potential threat to us.



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