Leading Geneticist Under Fire After Calling Male Marijuana Plants 'Useless'

Posted on September 06 2016

A leading expert, Doctor Donald Marz, from the genetics department at the Institute for Research has been called out on grounds of promoting and upholding gender inequality within the marijuana industry. This backlash response comes after Marz stated, “I would never want a male marijuana plant in one of my crops, for all intents and purposes they’re useless,” which, during a routine press release regarding medical study into marijuana, came as a shock for the majority liberal cannabis community. His sentiments were reiterated when he further went on to praise the wonders of female plants due to their ability to grow buds and further urged people to buy feminized seeds.

Marz, 65, has been researching marijuana for a number of years at various establishments and with some of the leading researchers on the subject. This isn’t the first time Marz has come under fire for ignorant comments, in 2001 he called purple, red, and white colored cannabis strains ‘abominations’ and ‘aberrations’ in a tirade about the state of the marijuana industry in the early twentieth century. This was followed up in 2004, when he urged growers to put an end to the hybridization of marijuana strains, saying, “Green and purple should not mix, they should stay separate,” sparking contempt from large portions of the marijuana community who said he was ‘standing in the way of progress’ and also accused him of halting development and research into marijuana’s medicinal qualities.

Far-left groups have called for Marz to resign or possibly even lose his doctorate amid claims that he does more harm than good to the marijuana industry, one of Marz’ contemporaries Emil Jones, who now runs an independent marijuana research startup, accused Marz of ‘bastardizing the marijuana industry’ and preventing it from fully integrating into mainstream culture.  



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