Jeff Sessions: Not As Bad As First Thought

Posted on January 12 2017

Jeff Sessions has played the role of the Big Bad Wolf to the marijuana community since Trump tipped him to become Attorney General, we have been cowering in our straw house waiting for it all to get blown down, however, at his recent confirmation hearing, it became apparent that our house was more so made of bricks, or merely that the wolf has lost his appetite.

Sessions acknowledged the fears people held over him potentially enforcing Federal Marijuana Laws, going further to suggest that if the American people are worried about that then they should get congress to change it. This is ambiguous at best, but it is somewhat better than the outright negative stance in marijuana which we all (some of us) predicted.

This apparently laissez-faire stance is one which many didn’t see coming. A staunch Republican seemingly putting the power into the hands of the people, or rather offering them the opportunity to take a level of control, is relatively new, especially when it comes to marijuana.

However, changing Federal Law via Congress is a potentially lengthy and difficult process, so it is possible that Sessions knows this, and is strictly under the belief that the overturning of federal law. Also, Sessions went on to comment, “I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” which whilst I’m sure isn’t a threat, is a clear warning that if he considers it necessary then marijuana reform is not safe.

I’ll end on a more positive, that being that while in power Jeff Sessions will have to follow President Trump’s agenda as opposed to his own, meaning whatever personal feelings he has against marijuana will have to be put to one side.



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