ITV's new cannabis show 'Gone To Pot: American Road Trip' is exactly what Britain needs!

Posted on November 14 2017

As you can probably suss out from the shows rather on the nose title, this was a show about cannabis. However, those taking part in the show could not be described as the usual suspects. For starters you had English actress Pam St Clements, a fan-favourite best known for portraying Pat Butcher on classic British soap opera Eastenders. Alongside Pam was Linda Robson, who’s reputation largely comes from playing Tracey in the sitcom Birds of a Feather, former Aston Villa striker and Gladiators presenter John Fashanu, former darts player and British television's favourite geezer Bobby George and finally Christopher Biggins, a British actor of Porridge and The Rocky Horror Picture Show fame.

Now to begin with, the strangest part is perhaps not that these celebrities ages range from 55-75, although that would generally place them firmly outside of the top contenders to present and take part in a cannabis-themed road trip. But, alas, celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Willie Nelson are elderly yet still active members of the cannabis community. This in some way brings me to my point, the strangest thing is that they are all British celebrities who have been mainstays in television for so long that they essentially count as national institutions.

You see, in Britain, cannabis is still a criminal substance and is therefore rarely discussed let alone covered in such a public manner. Add to this that Eastender’s Pat Butcher is one of the main ‘characters’ so to speak, and you have yourself a whole world of weird. Bear in mind this was never intended to be a review, more so a piece to offer some context on the show to those who are either unaware or don’t live in England and realise what an oddity this truly is.

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