In Search Of A Stoner's Paradise

Posted on September 05 2016

In America, the opening of new dispensaries, decriminalization and occasionally legalization is seen as great progress for the marijuana community. While this is indeed progress, there are many countries across the world, not viewed as the paragons of democracy America and Britain are, who would laugh at the thought of marijuana not being legal in some way. There are those countries who would find it strange if marijuana were not legal.

For instance, in Spain it is legal to grow your own marijuana and also legal to smoke it within your own home, therefore it is completely legal providing you are self-sufficient when it comes to pot. On top of this, Spain is also beautiful, hot and has a multitude of diverse attractions both for tourists and residents. Being a hub for both wines, cheese, and meats, you will have no shortage of great food in Spain, also tapas is cheap and quick for a nice little bite to eat when you’re stoned. Not to mention the exceeding amount of culture and history in Spain, mixed in with typical tourist attractions by the sea.

Recently, Germany has legalized marijuana, which is a big step for such a world superpower to make. Germany is arguably one of the most technologically developed countries not only in Europe but perhaps the world. With the cool hipster paradise of Berlin and other great cities such as Munich mixed in with a wealth of history.

On a more bizarre note, the often maligned North Korea is completely legalized. This may seem strange as it is never really considered by the West as having liberal views however the government does not acknowledge marijuana as a drug. Cannabis is available freely and very cheap in North Korea. Whilst many wouldn’t consider North Korea any sort of stoners paradise, it would be nonetheless interesting and something to bear in mind for the more adventurous stoner.



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