Imagining A Stoner Olympics

Posted on October 25 2016

Please bear in mind this is not in any way a serious idea for a true sporting event, more something you could do with your mates or even organise amongst the stoner community on a small scale or en mass. I mean, many olympians have or do smoke marijuana, however, they are professionally trained athletes first and stoners second. The idea wouldn’t really depend on what level of stoner you were or how capable, everyone would be stoned and everyone would be trying their hardest (presumably) so competition would come second.

Whilst I’d normally rule out certain categories due to their difficulty when sobre let alone stoned, however, for the sake of entertainment I would leave pole-vault and gymnastics in the event as they would no doubt yield some fantastic results. Also an opening ceremony would consist of you and your pals just jamming to music, whilst you tried to decide on how the team and event system would work in conjunction with one another.

Sprinting and events which involve throwing would likely be the easiest to organise as they are the most straightforward to perform and judge. While events such as gymnastics would be immeasurably difficult to perform in a proper manner, however, this would make judging them a lot easier. Also you would probably be pretty relaxed on drugs testing, which spares expense, and it would probably prove to the real Olympics that marijuana is in no way a performance enhancing drug.



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