How To Hide Being Stoned

Posted on December 16 2016

As with most other intoxicants, being stoned is physically noticeable and somewhat easier to be picked up on by others, normally because the signs of being stoned are widely known. The main one is ‘red-eye’ which is pretty self explanatory, your eyes become somewhat inflamed and you begin to squint. While this is obvious, some people are actually somewhat naïve and may not notice, others may not care, however, you can’t count on either of these things so you will need options to avoid being caught.

A great way to combat red eye is to wear sunglasses, preferably extremely dark ones, as if they are lightly tinted, your swollen eyes will still be visible. You can even stare at people as much as you want and people will be none the wiser. However a major flaw in this plan is that sunglasses will generally only be worn in summer or a sunny day in any other season I suppose, if you wear them on a gloomy day it is likely you will be found out as this is a pretty well known trick. Obviously another major drawback of this method will be that people will start to think that you’re one of the Men in Black, it could also be a positive, but probably not to most.

When stoned, you generally talk about different subjects to those who aren’t stoned, and perhaps you talk differently, maybe a bit slower or perhaps you you stutter or stammer a little. So it’s probably best to keep interactions with non-stoners to a minimum, however if you are with someone who’s more reasonable and  understanding go right ahead.



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