How Should America Proceed With Marijuana?

Posted on December 01 2016

America seemed to be on a straight, direct path towards legalisation on a national scale. Even with the election of Donald Trump as president, marijuana legalisation seemed to be going from strength to strength with a number of states choosing to legalise around the same time, and many states announcing plans for future, potential reform. Yet, all this hype and fever surrounding marijuana appears to have died down, and in some places gone in the opposite direction. The introduction of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was the first blow, however, since then the recently legalized states appear to have been stalling, with few moving forward as smoothly as one would hope, some states such as Maine have even been calling for a recount.

So now, we stand at the precipice of what could possibly turn out to be the most important moment in marijuana culture, law and reformation thus far. Before a couple of weeks ago, I would have predicted a full surge forward into a brighter future for marijuana, this week not so much. This week appears to have been a pretty big downward spiral for marijuana legalisation, well, this week and last week. America looks to be in danger of a large scale regression on drug reform, something many people worked hard to see through until the end seems to be being dismantled before our eyes.

Yet, I always like to remain optimistic, when something can go one way it can always go the other way also. This has been shown multiple times on the road to marijuana reform, that the situation can change in the blink of an eye.



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