How Many Ways Can Weed Help You?

Posted on September 21 2016

Ok for those who haven’t heard, I’ll run through it quick, it turns out marijuana doesn’t just get you stoned but it can also be pretty nifty in the medicinal sense in some cases. Now this doesn’t mean smoking a joint will stop you from getting certain illness or diseases in the future, it refers more to the plants ability to treat and help you cope with certain illnesses.

To start off with, while I previously stated that smoking a joint wouldn’t heal all your ailments, smoking a joint and getting stoned can relax you and therefore help with certain psychological issues, for instance, I know plenty of people who said smoking a bit of bud helped them through depression. However, when talking about the health benefits there are more health-conscious ways to consume marijuana than smoking it. Many sources and studies also indicate that marijuana is very effective for treating PTSD.

It is also known that marijuana is powerful in terms of pain relief, for instance, I generally don’t like to take any pain medicine (over the counter or otherwise) partly due to the paranoia that all these unnecessary pills will weaken my immune response system and leave me vulnerable to future super bacteria and viruses. While that is somewhat of a joke, I genuinely don’t use pain relief meds and opt to smoke a bit of weed if I have a headache or even muscle pains. The bottom line is it really works and you aren’t filling your body with chemicals.



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