How High Can You Go?

Posted on September 28 2016

Long time stoners will probably argue that there is no such thing as being too high. To this I would probably say it is possible to be too high, however, it really does depend on what weed you are smoking and if you mix types/strains of marijuana. I know some stoners who have smoked weed since they were wee lads and can still, sometimes, reach a level of high-ness that they are uncomfortable with after a mere joint. I generally find it’s not how much you smoke rather than what you smoke.

One time when I was in Amsterdam, I became overcome with the choice of strains readily available to me. After being enticed by ‘Sour Diesel’ due to all my favorite rappers mentioning it, I further noticed more strains to tickle my fancy, such as the delightful sounding ‘Champagne Kush’ and the delectable ‘Tangerine Dream’ needless to say I bought and then went on to consume all three throughout the day.Towards the end of the night, feeling ready for sleep, I decided to buy some Indica, a beautiful little strain called ‘Honey Dew’ in an attempt to put myself to bed. However, all this did was send me into a stoned frenzy of thoughts wherein I reached heights of high I never have before.

The moral of the story, in a roundabout way, is that my eyes were bigger than my stomach so to speak, or rather my eyes were bigger than my tolerance.



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