How high can you get?

Posted on June 27 2017

Perhaps more or less simple than the frequently asked ‘how low can you go’ ‘how high can you go’ is certainly a completely different arena than the aforementioned question. There is actually very little evidence into, at least there is no actually quantifiable data which details how much cannabis one can smoke, and how much you can smoke before you actually stop getting high. It seemed pretty odd that no reputable scientists had studied this subject at length, thankfully in 2017 we have the internet, a veritable encyclopedia of debate, theory and discussion of just about any topic you can imagine, now many take the form of childish argument and mere fan-fiction, but they are nonetheless entertaining at most times. And where better on the internet to find such debates and theories than a forum.

GrassCity is a titan in the world of cannabis forums so I figured that was a good place to look for answers. In a particular forum aptly titled ‘Apprentice Tokers’ I found some answers. A discussion titled ‘What is the maximum stoned you can get?’ provided me with the details of experiences which didn’t really seem to be coming from ‘apprentice tokers’ but rather those more experienced.

For starters, one user types ‘the most I've smoked was a quarter ounce blunt, it got me sleepy as a mother fucker after’ it’s hardly the Queen’s English but it still gives a decent idea of what a quarter of an ounce in a blunt may do to you. He does go on to say that it eventually made him pass out or fall straight to sleep which seems pretty likely as seven grammes in a single blunt is a lot of cannabis.

One user merely states ‘up to 37’ a reference which I didn’t quite get, he could be referring to the number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written, or perhaps he undershot the answer to life, the universe and everything (42) by five, either way, it doesn’t seem all that relevant.

After trolling through your obligatory Spinal Tap ‘up to 11’ reference as well as a number of other opposing stories, I realise that perhaps there is not a definite answer. This would explain why there is little research on the topic. Cannabis differs in its effects from person to person, mainly in terms of how often you smoke and subsequently how high your tolerance is, but also you can’t really deny that different people simply react differently to cannabis whether they have smoked it before or not.



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