How do you determine what the strongest cannabis strain is?

Posted on July 03 2017

I will be honest this isn’t a subject to which I have given much thought, however, I found myself pondering this the other day and thought it a good idea to perhaps research this. The answer to this question could hardly be described as simple. Obviously, the strongest cannabis strain would be the one which contains the most THC. But that isn’t really something easy to answer or define.

 The THC content can vary depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to the environment in which the plant is grown as well as growing techniques and genetic phenotypes. Any cannabis which tests over 20% THC is considered highly potent. But this number can differ based upon the aforementioned factors. For instance, on the high end of the scale, Girl Scout Cookies tests at round 28% whereas on the lower end it still holds the line at an impressive 17%. These differences occur as a result of the grower largely and where they choose to grow their buds, obviously the seeds themselves and their genetic makeup will factor in up to a certain point but the main changes arise as a result of the grower.

 Naturally, there are strains which are much more inclined to manifest extremely high levels of THC thanks to generations of strong genetics and selective breeding. There are some seeds which are just naturally THC heavyweights.

 Some noteworthy THC-heavy strains include the legendary Tutankhamon, a strain birthed from AK-47 with an intense skunk flavour, which is majority Sativa. Tutankhamon's THC levels are about 37%

Let's not forget the mighty Bruce Banner strain of cannabis which has been voted the strongest strain on earth by multiple bodies and is widely considered to be one of the best cannabis strains of all time.

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