How do we unlock the full potential of cannabis?

Posted on November 02 2017

As we all know, cannabis has the potential to help treat numerous ailments and illnesses, from epilepsy to depression and even cancer, cannabis may be of help to people suffering from a multitude of things. Unfortunately, given the sometimes tricky legal situation of cannabis, the potential which lies within marijuana remains largely unexplored. There are new initiatives in place which may just turn this around.

By partnering with biotech firm, Front Range Biosciences, The University of California, Davis, hopes to unlock the largely dormant medical potential which still lies within cannabis, unexplored. By performing research into the genomics and buildup of cannabis, mapping marijuana’s DNA may be the key to unleashing a new wonder drug on the world, born from little old cannabis. Mapping genomes, charts the distance between genes as well as the locus of the genes, something previously done with arabica coffee beans and cabernet sauvignon grapes.

With DNA sequencing technologies and methods developing leaps and bounds in recent years, the University has a lot more at their disposal in terms of the ways in which they can approach the subject and the depths to which they can delve and subsequently what gems can be gleaned from the substance.

The study will entail isolating the DNA from hemp as it is low in THC to the point that the psychoactive element holds little or no effects. CBD, the derivative which is more known for it’s medicinal purposes and has almost no psychoactive properties, will perhaps be a major point of study in not only this research program but also in years to come.

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