Hillary's Medical Marijuana Comment - Just A Joke?

Posted on September 15 2016

In an interview with New York-based morning radio show The Breakfast Club, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton quipped that she needed some ‘medicinal’ after a prolonged period of coughing. This shows that Hillary is at least willing to talk about marijuana, and is perhaps ready to accept and possibly adopt the more liberal views on the topic held by her former opponent Bernie Sanders.

For many months Hillary has proceeded to flip flop between opposing the idea and then condoning more research into the herb's medicinal properties. However, these views have been in keeping with the majority of the Democratic party from where she hails, who have held the stance that the jury is still out, and they would like to wait until they see the successes from legalized states before making any nationwide decisions.

While I think Hillary is being somewhat ambiguous and enigmatic on the subject, Donald Trump has been more clear,remarking that he supports medical marijuana ‘100 percent’ however he has not particularly shown much support towards it since making said comments.

While I would love as much as anyone to see marijuana legalized, I don’t believe you should support politicians based solely upon their views on legislation, I believe the saying is ‘even Mussolini made the trains run on time’  so whilst someone may support legal marijuana they may have horrible views on others. This adds more complication to this presidential race, where it’s unclear for people on either side of the political spectrum to vote for.



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