Here is what you would have to do to overdose on cannabis (Spoiler: it's not really possible)

Posted on January 08 2018


Recently, more through curiosity as opposed to sheer paranoia, I have been researching the ridiculous ways in which people can, or more so believe they can, die from marijuana. The idea that one can die from marijuana is always furiously refuted by stoners and logical people alike, that is because you can’t really overdose on marijuana. I say ‘really’ because the sheer amount you would have to smoke would be around 1500lbs of green in 15 minutes, and even then it would be the massive smoke intake which would kill you as opposed to the actual marijuana itself.

Can you imagine smoking 1500lbs of marijuana in 15 minutes, in case you were wondering that's 24,000 ounces of marijuana to be smoked in 15 minutes. Fucking easy, right? Yeah you’d have to be a right nancy boy not to be able to bun off 24,000 ounce in a single zoot.I’m telling you, these sorry excuses for stoners these days, back in the day we’d buy that amount to ourselves then be texting the dealer for more 10 minutes after getting it. And now they call it overdose material, that probably tells you more about modern society than it does about marijuana.

My interest in this topic arose after a number of claims in recent years of fatalities in conjunction with marijuana. The idea that someone could smoke to required amount to overdose is beyond insane, in fact you might even say it’s impossible or at the very least improbable. Either way, that much weed in 15 minutes and you probably wouldn’t realise for a good amount of time if you were dying or not, if you were gonna smoke that much i’d recommend having a drink with you as you will probably cough, splutter and have a dry mouth.

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