Getting Places When You're Stoned

Posted on November 03 2016

Picture this, you’ve just finished smoking your first joint, you’re pretty stoned and you’ve just started watching the first episode of a TV series with an eye to binge watch a lot of it. All of a sudden you get struck with a text illustrating a minor emergency which would require you travel somewhat of a distance so as to try your hand at remedying this problem, e.g. your partner has forgot something essential to their work and them travelling home just to travel back to work would cost them a lot of time. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that but something along those lines, it could even be that a couple of your mates have gone out drinking with a friend you’ve not seen in a long time, and it would require you walking a decent distance to get to them.

In these situations, your brain is somewhat practically impaired due to the marijuana, you can be philosophical but are far less practical. The thought of walking is like the thought of jumping off a large cliff into the sea, it seems kind of scary and you just don’t want to do it. The decision many people take in this situation would be to drive, I wouldn’t recommend it, I can’t drive when I’m stoned, I can’t drive when I’m sober either so It’s somewhat of a moot point, but I find the idea of anyone driving intoxicated ridiculous, it’s not cool and it’s not clever it’s just reckless.

Back to my point about walking being scary, if you’ve got the balls to take the jump, you’ll find that walking can actually be quite pleasurable. When you’re stoned you’re generally a whole lot more thoughtful and contemplative anyway, so walking and getting lost in you own thoughts (hopefully not lost on your journey) makes the distance and time fly by, half of the time, you end up wishing you could be on your journey just a little longer.

The final option is, naturally, getting a taxi, which seems like the obvious one but I don’t really like being in close quarters with strangers when i’m stoned, unless i’m with my friends.

Whichever method you decide just makes sure you remember two things, where you are going and what it was you were meant to do/take in the first place.



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