Getting High Like Hunter S. Thompson

Posted on November 29 2016

I’m sure everyone reading this knows, loves or is at least aware of the brilliance of Hunter S Thompson, and that applies whether your opinion is negative or not (in my opinion), if you’re not please take a long hard look at yourself and then, obviously, go and read some Hunter S. This aside, Hunter remains a major idol and advocate in the culture surrounding marijuana, whilst I can’t condone everything he did, he was one of a kind, undeniably brilliant.

The man can be called many things, but one thing you could never accuse him of was being lazy, therefore he subverts the typical stereotype of one who smokes marijuana, in fact he was one of the first, running rampant out of 60’s beat culture, Thompson cut a swath across America with his often bizarre normally unorthodox narratives and articles concerning everything from biker gangs to election campaigns.

Soon, you will be able to smoke the exact strain of weed smoked by Thompson, or some hybrid of it, Anita Thompson, Hunter’s widow, has announced that she is partnering with growers to begin production of the aforementioned marijuana strain. One of the truly great ideas behind this is that Anita has rejected many prior attempts at partnership so as to not exploit her late husband's name, which is not only touching and honourable but is also all too rare. Celebrities, especially great ones, are exploited every which way after they die, so it’s nice to see one of my favourite author’s legacy remain intact and not get bastardized for profit.



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