Getting high from...alcohol?

Posted on September 15 2017

I know, in the past, I have spoken of the merits of marijuana when compared to alcohol, the lack of the hangover being the main point and also the fact you generally tend to keep your inhibitions when you’re stoned as opposed to when you’re drunk when you rid yourself of your inhibitions like a snake shedding its skin. Nonetheless, I do like a drink, naturally, not as much as a smoke, and whilst I don’t exactly drink heavily I do drink kind of regularly and the idea of weed-infused alcohol is very enticing, as I’m sure it will be for connoisseurs of both weed and booze.

Bearing this in mind, I do foresee somewhat of a trend on the horizon, especially for American states wherein you can legally produce products containing both Cannabis and alcohol. I believe the only state currently is California (correct me if I’m wrong), however, I can see this idea being somewhat profitable, therefore arrangements may be made for the fusions to be produced and sold on a larger scale.  

Imagining the feeling one would get off weed-infused alcohol is a tough one, I have read a number of quotes by celebrities describing weed-infused wine, describing the feeling as ‘tingly’ which doesn’t really give a lot away. The wine in question is also terribly expensive, with half a bottle costing around $200 - $400, however, I am unaware how much weed-infused vodkas or gins cost, but if the price is similar I see changes which need to be made before they catch on.



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