Gay Conversion Therapy Camp Promoting Marijuana Usage?

Posted on August 05 2016

Spawning from the recent clampdown on so-called ‘gay conversion’ therapy by the District of Columbia and five other states, Seattle has fully banned the practice as a form of therapy by mental-health counsellors. Since then, one of these so-called ‘gay conversion camps’ which cannot be named for legal reasons, has removed a number of its blog posts and generally diminished its online presence. While many of their posts were general homophobic, ‘bible bashing’  fare, one of their now removed posts was particularly interesting due to it suggesting that marijuana could be used to dull, if not completely get rid of, homosexuality and homosexual urges.

Now any rational person knows homosexuality is not some illness to be cured, however, this sort of delusional behaviour is somewhat alarming and very upsetting, to say the least. In a post titled ‘Smoke Away the Gay,’ the would-be converters outlined a system under which stoned or high people would be more susceptible to cognitive suggestion and subliminal messaging.

In their blog post they stated:

"The path to repentance can be long and tiring but here at *********, we are dedicated to setting people on the right path before helping them find their place in society. What started out as an experiment has now become a commonly used treatment. Cannabidiol is not just ‘weed’ it is a medically sound substance which allows for patients to clear their heads of foul thoughts and develop a more positive mindset that fits in with a good and honest society."

To me this clearly sounds like brainwashing as opposed to caring medical staff trying to help people, there is a clear ideology being pushed in this post, from its use of religious lexicon such as ‘repentance’ to use the phrase ‘foul thoughts’ to describe homosexual feelings. Bearing all this in mind it staggers belief that something like this does not receive anything like enough press, but then again maybe not enough people are aware.



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