Forbes-Style List Of World's Richest Pot Dealers To Be Released Later This Month

Posted on December 01 2016

With cannabis becoming legal across many countries, it would appear that the pot dealer is perhaps dying out. Although on the verge of extinction, this has not stopped weed dealers from making their money just yet. Obviously in legalised areas these pushers are all but obsolete, however, in non-legalised locations, the demand may have been ramped up out of jealousy perhaps. We caught wind of a Forbes-like establishment looking to create a list of pot dealers who make the most money, perhaps as one last hurrah, a farewell if you will.

Critics have argued that a list of this kind is ludicrous, in response the body in charge said, “I don’t know why people are hating, don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

They then argued that for all the Forbes list was fine and dandy, it didn’t offer enough danger, or enough of an edge. Also it is unknown at this time who will be judging and deciding specifically, however, it is presumed to be a multiple stage process with judges from each country deciding individuals from their country before a core group of judges rounds it down and makes the final decisions.

How ranking will be generated is as of yet unknown, however, it will obviously be based on income but fathoming that would be difficult considering no drug dealers will declare tax on their earnings. Many have complained that you may reveal the dealer's identity, but lets be honest, Brad who lives down the road and sells you shady grams of thai weed is hardly gonna be in the running on a global scale, many big timers use code names.



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