Fast Food Restaurants Adding Marijuana-Infused Food In Search Of True Happy Meal

Posted on October 14 2016

In lieu of an incident which happened a couple of days ago involving a 4 year-old girl finding marijuana in a portion of Wendy’s french fries, many have reacted in outrage and shunned the very thought of having marijuana laced french fries. The girl's mum took to Facebook to vent her frustrations and also a rallying cry to gain support for people to complain to Wendy’s. With the hype and tension around this situation reaching a fever pitch, one fast food chain, who for legal reasons shall not be named until they are ready to make an official announcement, has announced it’s plans to implement marijuana-infused food in states and cities with relaxed cannabis laws.

I predict that this idea would cause somewhat of a storm, after all, fast food is often the greatest cure for the knock-on effect of marijuana: the infamous munchies. You only need watch the first film in the Harold and Kumar series to know that this is a widely held cultural view and stereotype.

A spokesperson from the unnamed company states, “The marketing of this product is pretty simple, while marijuana-infused dining on the whole is going in a more upmarket direction, we will offer stoner staples for example fries, with a view to expand into other areas, and with other fast-food chains offering some sort of ‘happy meal’ I’m sure there is a slogan in there somewhere.”

The spokesperson did go on to point out the possible problem with pricing the product in terms of the food content balancing out with the marijuana content. After all marijuana generally has a higher value than french fries.



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