Election Got You Down? Weed Is Legal In California!

Posted on November 09 2016

If the results of the election have got you down, you can find solace in two things, the sheer quality of memes and other internet jokes which will arise from having such a ridiculous man in power as well as the obvious big one: MARIJUANA IS LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA! Yeah that's the kind of thing which makes you shout ‘Wooo Merica, Yeah!’ While the results of the election produce a lukewarm reaction at best, this can be ignored, when you consider that this legislation in California may be the real first step towards a better tomorrow.

Proposition 64 in California will place the state at the Centre of marijuana worldwide, as Kendrick Lamar said ‘Women, Weed and Weather’ will certainly be an allure, many of the states which have already legalized marijuana do not have the warm weather or the reputation as a world renowned tourist destination. California is also full of Celebrity advocates who could help boost medical marijuana into the stratosphere (figuratively).

Proposition 64 allows for a person to grow 6 plants in their house as personal, effectively meaning if you smoke marijuana in California you may be able to save a ton of money, providing you put in the time and effort to grow and nurture the plants. And let's be honest, warm climates are pretty  good places to grow marijuana, so, come summer you may even be able to grow the plants completely outside.

With this in mind, just remember while events such as Trump now being POTUS may seem, to some people, to help darken the world, all is not lost. This vote offers a seeming glimmer of hope in an increasingly dark world.



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  • Michael kesten: November 10, 2016

    My parents reminded me that she and my father have been fighting their whole lives for weed to be legal. So this is for them and their fight

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