Eating Contests To Introduce Drug Tests Amid Marijuana Scandal

Posted on September 30 2016

The famous/infamous Arkansaw Hot Wing Eating Contest was draped in scandal this year after the winner Brad-Wayne Hickory was accused of cheating by his fellow competitor and close second Gary Vee. Vee originally accused Hickory of breaking the contests notorious ‘only dicks eat chicks rule’ by claiming that Hickory was actually a transexual or women in disguise. However, after testing Hickory based upon this accusation, the governing body, Arkansaw Chicken Eaters (ACE) found that Hickory was high when he arrived at the contest.

ACE went on to deliberate among themselves, before putting it to vote among their members and followers and found that 50% found that marijuana should be banned whereas 42% said it shouldn't and 8% said they were unsure.

The main argument for the banning was that stoned people have the ability to eat anything and everything that is put in front of them. In an interview with a local newspaper, Gary Vee said, “I made sure that day I was completely sober, I am a man of honour, a true sportsman, I may smoke weed when I’m at home but contests come first and it would be wrong as a pro eater to be stoned before it’s just unfair on others.”

ACE attributed the majority verdict to Vee’s passionate testimony at one of their rallies last week.

However, many have argued that the contests are just for fun and friendly competition and therefore whether a person is stoned before shouldn’t matter and banning it seems a tad excessive.



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