Donald Trump Tells Protesters To 'Roll A Joint And Chill Out'

Posted on November 11 2016

POTUS and apparent uber-troll Donald Trump has finally chosen to acknowledge and react to those protesting his rise to power. Never one to mince his words, in a press event the following day after being announced as the President, Trump brushed the millions of protesters off as ‘petty and violent’ before insinuating that they were merely sore losers, while also making a quip about how he’d probably have done the same were he in their shoes. After these odd remarks, Trump rubbed salt in the wounds by reiterating that in no way was he in their position, quite obviously. Among this string of jokes and innuendo Trump made a slightly more serious suggestion, when he said, “Come on guys, I mean marijuana is now legal in like three more states, why don’t you put the picket signs down, roll a joint and just relax, I got this.”

Safe to say many protesters saw this as a blatant slap in the face, but Trump himself assured members of the press that he meant it in the most sincerest way, if it’s coming from a politician’s mouth it’s gotta be true, right?

While no official spokesperson for the protesters has been elected, there have been talks of like-minded individuals actually becoming the new domineering ideology in America, not the ruling one but certainly a majority. Trump’s ‘he who dares wins’ approach to politics has enamoured many and gained a lot of momentum, saying things no one else would for moral and social reasons, which in turn has led to a colossal opposition to him. In all fairness never have I seen such a controversial President.



  • Thee Terry Parker Jr: November 15, 2016

    LOL You tell em boss! Donny’s not the only one to suggest that a puff is better than being rough. Now only if Canada’s President could be like the American President, what a world it would be. Who the fu*k wants to move to Canada, where our Canadian President is busting pot shops!!! SOB You Americans have got it Fu*king made! Congrats boss

  • Ann-Ark-ISt: November 13, 2016

    All of a sudden he’s a seasoned “politician”?? You are a dolt.

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