Does Vaping Strengthen Your Erection?

Posted on August 12 2016

It has long been theorized that smoking marijuana may contribute to erectile dysfunction, I’ve certainly never had the problem myself, however, studies pertaining to this hypothesis have failed to include the act of vaporizing weed. That is until now however, as evidence strongly suggests, vaporizing marijuana may have the complete opposite effect. In research performed by the Institute of Empirical Evidence, there was strong evidence to suggest that vaporizing did not contribute in any way towards erectile dysfunction, and not only that, it was actually found that vaporizing marijuana may strengthen an erection.

Using a repurposed ‘Fruit Machine’ as testing apparatus, nine test subjects were split into three categories, those that ingested nothing other than a little water, those that smoked 1 joint of marijuana between three of them and those that had a vaporiser containing unspecified amounts of cannabis oil and exposed to pornography suited to their sexual orientation.

Obviously all subjects were tested for pre-existing conditions before partaking. The ‘fruit machine’ is a crude test which was previously used to determine whether one was a homosexual by testing an for an erection after exposing them to homosexual pornography. However, the test was retooled to monitor muscle tension and movements on and around the penis.

The test yielded some pretty astonishing results, the non-intoxicated test group showed no clear signs of erectile dysfunction while the group that smoked the joint showed mixed results, with two out of the three taking longer than others to get an erection and the other failing to reach a full erection. While the test group members who vaped not only reached full erection quicker than all other groups but their erections were shown to have a tensile strength higher than all the others.



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