Does cannabis boost creativity?

Posted on November 24 2017


We hear about the different uses of marijuana all the time these days. From it being used for medicinal purposes to merely getting you stoned, it’s uses are pretty varied, generally depending on how you are consuming cannabis and what bud you’re consuming. While its medical value can pretty much be proven, there is one proposed use that can’t really be measured by any test or experiment, well at least not beyond reasonable doubt. This is of course marijuana being used as a creative stimulant, a theory supported by rockstars, rappers and general creatives across the world and throughout time.

From Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg to Steve Jobs, all manner of creators have vouched for the use of weed and the role it played in their careers, in 1988 Steve Jobs famously remarked, “The best way I would describe the effect of the marijuana and the hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative.”

Does this work for everyone? Unlikely. But not everyone has a strong creative mind to be enhanced by marijuana, and not everyone with a creative mind will want to smoke cannabis, it really depends on what you like and how your brain works. For instance, if you don’t like the feeling of actually being high, it is very unlikely that cannabis will produce the desired effect for you creatively.

Is there any way to measure creativity? Not really, creativity isn’t a clearly defined thing, the only real way of judging someone's creativity would be by the quality of their output. Therefore we can only really take people’s word for whether cannabis plays a part in their creative process.

With many it is pretty easy to believe, it’s unlikely Steve Jobs would lie about something as trivial as marijuana given his technological output, and artists like Snoop Dogg have managed to use cannabis as a branding tool throughout their careers. Writing from personal experience, I generally find that cannabis does actually function as an effective creative aid as it does make you think a lot more. Sometimes these thoughts can change depending on your mood and atmosphere, this is something not realised by many, and can sometimes result in smokers becoming ‘paranoid’ if they smoke too much.

For more veteran or accepting smokers, the results of bud can be brilliant, offering users a feeling of euphoria and great pleasure which may in turn both calm and stimulate a creative mind.



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