Crazy For Haze

Posted on October 06 2016

The word haze, to me at least, reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, which is a good thing obviously. In the song Purple Haze I can only imagine Hendrix was referring to weed, as what else would he be referring to?

Haze makes you think relaxing thoughts, sort of slow, perhaps even a tad melancholic (but in a good way) and undeniably cool. Like too chilled out for anyone else really, which I guess really personifies the sort of rock star stoner Hendrix was. There are loads of Haze strains available, here are a couple of recommendations from yours truly.

Afghan Haze

The word Afghan makes me think exotic thoughts, I apologize if I’m inadvertently stereotyping but it makes me think of vast plains and rolling mountains as well as the beautiful religious culture which soaked Afghanistan prior to the past couple of decades. The combination of pure Afghan strain matched with male Haze creates something awesome. A popular strain for medicinal purposes means this strain simultaneously follows in both parents footsteps.

Amnesia Haze

The term amnesia obviously means loss of memories, which kind of indicates the sort strength you are dealing with when it comes to this bud. Obviously smoking this will not result in severe memory loss (hopefully) however, it does have a very high THC content of around 20%. On top of its high potency, the plants also have a very high yield. All in all this strain is a beautiful, pure Sativa, award winning strain known for it’s near narcotic effect.



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