Could The New Attorney General Spell Doom For Marijuana?

Posted on November 22 2016

In spite of how you feel about Trump, it did look as if the future of legal cannabis in America was bright. But, to quote newly minted political commentator Kanye West and Jay Z’s 2011 track HAM ‘It was all good just a week ago’. Despite no one feeling they selves or killing they selves, things have gotten a lot worse  for marijuana. This doom and gloom originates from Trump appointing Jeff Sessions as his new Attorney General, now, unlike a Call of Duty session, marijuana doesn’t mix well with a Jeff Sessions, who has been known for his hard-line stance on the subject of marijuana. In terms of drug policy, Sessions puts many of his GOP peers to shame when it comes to denying scientific evidence which pertains to marijuana being safe.

Sessions has been consistent in protesting the use of marijuana, citing everything from it’s physical danger to it being a ‘gateway drug’ which are the usual, tired out anti-pot excuses. Trump himself has shown a rather laid back stance when it comes to marijuana, which makes this choice for someone who would have such a level of power over the fate of marijuana somewhat puzzling and a bit upsetting.

As shown in the UK recently, even the most stoic of politician is not able to fully prevent campaigners from attempting to bring about change and drug reform. Also marijuana is legal or decriminalised in many states which means it will be difficult to reverse those laws should Sessions choose to.



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