Conserving your cannabis

Posted on August 07 2017

Most stoners have had this problem, heck, everyone has a problem with things not lasting long enough, but other than money, my main one is weed. Often me running out of weed quickly means my money dries up at a similar pace, which as I imagine most people reading this will understand, is not very nice at all. It’s something that occurs after you leave school, when you have real people things like food, travel and rent to pay, chances are mummy and/or daddy won’t be paying for them anymore, if they are you’re golden, you can get high everyday and just cruise through adolescence. I’m joking obviously, whilst financially it is good if your folks pay for everything for you, but in the long run, you will not gain any transferable skills and you probably won’t appreciate the value of money.

I digress, running out of weed can actually become a major problem, as it will affect your financial well being if not controlled. Like any luxury, you need to understand the balance of your life. This means that food, rent and other essentials come first whereas any luxury comes second as whilst I love weed and advocate the use of it, I don’t need it.

If you’re smoking marijuana in joints, and find yourself running out quickly, therein lies your problem, you often have to put a decent amount of weed in a joint. Whilst joints do get you relatively high, hits from a bong will use up less marijuana and also get you substantially higher. You can buy cheap bongs, but I would recommend a mid-range bong as cheap ones can be nasty. Whilst this may be a bit of money up-front, it will save you bud and subsequently money in the long run, who doesn’t want that?

As well as bongs, other similar pipes as well as vapes are rational ways to save your weed and money. Whilst there are other options, many are expensive. I wouldn’t recommend this as much as a bong as they cost more money, many times the money will be worth it but if you’re short on money then it doesn’t make much sense.



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