Company Announces Plans For Worlds Largest Bud Plant

Posted on October 21 2016

A Denver based company called CannaPro has announced their plans to begin growing and cultivating enormous marijuana plants in hopes of one day growing the world’s largest bud plant. This so called ‘super-cannabis’ will be derived from the strongest of strains such as various forms of kush and haze. The finished product is intended as a monument for Colorado as a whole, who many see as leading the nation on marijuana at present. Meant to represent the economic and social benefit Colorado has felt from legalisation, the plant shall be grown in Denver, and once ready shall be available for the public to see.

A spokesperson for CannaPro stated, “This is something we have been thinking about for a long time, it started as a theory, a pipe dream really, a mere idea which at first seemed pretty impossible and extremely improbable. However, with recent legalization in Colorado, research and experimentation with marijuana has shot up tenfold meaning it is now not only very possible it is also completely probable. The only thing standing in our way is our own limitations.”

The spokesperson did follow this up by acknowledging that whilst failure was unlikely, it was possible, but they would not be deterred and would keep trying until they succeeded. This will surely be a marvel to see, it seems almost unimaginable when you think about it. Let's hope there are no giants waiting at the top!



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