Common Misconceptions With Marijuana Legalization

Posted on November 28 2016

With marijuana being legal in many areas of America, many seem to be under the impression that this means all laws pertaining to marijuana have been abolished in these legalized areas. I have seen a multitude of questions in forums, on social media pages and groups pertaining to one's ability to travel on an aeroplane with marijuana from one legal state to another, or to post marijuana from one legal state to another. I understand why people would ask these questions, they sort of fall in a middle ground between what you would imagine and what you would hope, meaning you always imagine that transporting marijuana would be strictly prohibited but obviously you’d hope not.

In America there are two major levels to the law if you will, one is state level, which deals with each state individually and the other is federal which operates on a much wider scale. Federal law deals with things such as interstate trade and economies, whilst state law gives individual states the right to vote on certain laws, the most prescient at the moment perhaps being marijuana legalization.

In answer to the previous queries I mentioned, I will explain further. Both postage of marijuana and travelling across states with marijuana, involve interstate travel or communication and therefore find themselves covered by Federal law. Postage services are federal bodies as they don’t just deal with a single state. Marijuana is still illegal on a federal level so therefore moving marijuana from one state to another is totally illegal whether it is legal in both states or not, it does not matter as it is still a breach of federal law. As ridiculous as this may seem, at least we have a number of states wherein marijuana is legal now.



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