Choosing The Right Strain

Posted on August 29 2016

With Marijuana becoming legal across a number of states, there are many new strains cropping up (pun intended) all over and from many different growers. This means it can be difficult to keep up and also difficult to know which strain is best for you to smoke. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather the opposite it means you can enjoy exploring the different tastes and colours the world of cannabis has to offer.

For instance, if you want something strong, with the ability to smoke you into another world, a good idea would be Big Bud, a pretty common strain which a number of farms make in some form, mostly Indica with a high THC content. The only downside is that, due to its high THC content and the high yield of the plant itself, Big Bud cannot be mixed with any other strains, so you are unlikely to get many hybrid strains (you know, the ones with the really cool names). Also, I would only recommend this to veteran stoners.

If you’re the shamanic, philosophical type, then the aptly named Buddha’s Hand is a great strain to try. It’s cool sounding name is matched by the plant itself, the odd way that the plants mutate mean they look somewhat like a Buddha’s Hand, the yellow Asian lemon as opposed to the religious icon. Described as a ‘mindful medicine maker’ it seems much like it’s namesake, Buddha’s Hand may have some medicinal properties, if not physical then this smoke should provide some spiritual healing.

Overall these are just two examples of interesting strains, there are many more waiting to be tried, for any information simply head to the drop-down from the categories section of this website and start exploring today!



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