Cannabis in these bizarre political times

Posted on December 04 2017

Incensed by the farce that is the current ‘Russia scandal’ alongside the chaos that has ensued from the subsequent investigation, I decided it was time to write a more topical piece concerning these testing and frankly bizarre scenes we are seeing unfold in front of our, at times disbelieving, eyes. Trump’s campaign to delegitimize and invalidate any and all who he perceives as a threat or speaks out of turn has only grown in correlation with his power, this is something many thought would have decreased once Trump actually became POTUS, after all it is pretty unusual (read: unheard of) for an American premier to disparage the FBI as well as other major figures and institutions around him to such an extent.

With such nonsensical happenings with the Federal government, it seems likely that a portion of America’s may just become beyond caring, instead choosing to focus on local and state law making and governing. This is where things are happening for cannabis, which is a positive, given the state of American politics, perhaps it is good that cannabis has not taken centre stage on a national level since Trump’s ascension.

So, for stoners and cannabis advocates alike, perhaps it is time we focus more on the smaller picture, as when you take a step back and glance at the bigger picture you will realise it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice. With freshly legalised states like Maryland finally seeing their first dispensaries open, recent news for cannabis has been a damn sight better than the happenings for America in general.

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  • Courtlin: December 05, 2017

    One big problem you got with your seeds you ((may not know or may know ))is size of the seed is it big enough to produce sprout it’s just the size of them makes me think of quality of your plants is no good I just hope your not in it for the money ? ppl need your best products and best genetics in the world making the best and purest weed in the world .what is going on ???? We need the best not Second best you are the number one company in the world so keep it up you have big shoes to full mr Political

  • Courtlin: December 05, 2017

    Really using trump for what what did he really change for us, you are a multi million dollar company or once used to be what happened!!! (got to political) for you I know you went to jail for your weed store witch is sad one day before law was set, but that shouldn’t let that change who you are our how your Business Is run you have taken you YouTube channel down stoped promotions even on website rules rules but all this other company’s can do anything they want witch is sad, it’s just make me mad ? letting the government control everything we do when in America anybody with a id and 21 you can get weed so who is in control government

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