Can Marijuana Reduce Obesity?

Posted on September 20 2016

To call marijuana by such names as ‘wondrous’ or ‘miraculous’ would not be too far a stretch, but as far as marijuana being something with the ability to lower obesity, I can’t really imagine it myself.

I guess that's why I’m not the expert on the subject, normally this would be where I quoted some not-so-intricately concocted study by the Institute for Research (disclaimer: it’s not real, sorry) however this is actually a real thing. A study published in the Journal of Mental Health Politics and Economics by the University of Miami  determined that amongst the 13,000 people, out of the women they studied, those who smoked weed every day (Nate Dogg voice) had a BMI of around 3.1% lower than those who didn’t on average. The men studied yielded slightly different results, those who smoked reefer every day were shown to have a BMI 2.7% lower than the average.

This links to the idea that obesity does not necessarily stem from what you physically consume, but rather the systems around you, e.g. culture, economics and how they affect you and your mental state.

Bearing this in mind it could be easy to see how marijuana may help lower obesity, as it generally can help with depression and also help sooth and relax your mental state. While it may not be an essential component to staying healthy and it may cause you to eat more food occasionally, this evidence certainly seems to prove that marijuana can not only help improve your mental state but also shows how much of an effect your psychological well-being can have on your physical health.



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