Can marijuana help with mental health issues?

Posted on August 21 2017

As you all know marijuana is a veritable wonder drug, well plant, it can cure physical ailments like arthritis as well as helping people cope with mental illness, e.g. PTSD and anxiety. Marijuana is known more for it’s ability to help the mind, perhaps, as a result of the seeming dismissal of mental illness by many, this is why marijuana is not fully appreciated around the world. The fact of the matter is, mental illness is a very real thing, and only recently has it become a problem acceptable enough to actually mention. Whilst I’d say this was a bit late, I am happy that people with mental illness are able to talk about it and get proper help, as opposed to the old method of having some pills thrown at them and being told to be on their way.

I’m not saying marijuana is the answer to everyone, far from it, everyone is unique and affected by mental health issues in different ways and therefore need different methods of coping. However, as something to help the process marijuana is a good supplement, not the be-all-end-all.

Another problem with the medical view of marijuana is that many studies known to the mainstream seem to focus merely on the illicit use of marijuana as a substance which you can use to get high as opposed to marijuana compounds such as CBD which can be used in oil-form for a vast array of medical purposes. While CBD is not officially a treatment for a number of illness, many sufferers of ailments such as arthritis swear by it’s benefits, and that should be all the proof we need.



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