Bud Vs Beer - Who Wins The War?

Posted on September 27 2016

I have written before of the genuine benefits of smoking marijuana over drinking alcohol. To be honest, to me, this argument is somewhat of a no-brainer. While it has not yet been scientifically proven beyond reasonable doubt, I am relatively sure that the long term effects of marijuana pale in comparison to those health problems presented by long-term alcohol abuse.

One of the main points beside the health benefits, would be the societal benefits, after all, I've never heard of anyone acting stoned and disorderly, there's no law which covers that like there is drunk and disorderly. Also, you’re less likely to encounter bar fights and the such. On top of this, you’re partner/significant other can’t really use being stoned as an excuse for cheating on you like they can/think they can when drunk.

Now let's deviate from the social problems which can arise from alcohol abuse and return full circle to the health problems. Alcohol is well known to affect your liver massively but also on top of this it kills brain cells. Not good. Marijuana on the other hand momentarily dulls your senses, however, there is no quantitative evidence to suggest it has an all-around negative impact upon you in the long term.

To finish this off I urge you to listen to and watch the video for ‘The Irony Of It All’ by the British band The Streets, as it highlights, in a very British way, the benefits of marijuana over alcohol



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