Brad And Angelina Broke Up, Please Don't Bring Weed Into It

Posted on September 22 2016

My original intent with this article was to go full-throttle on a spree of mockery surrounding the reaction to the high-profile divorce of that guy from Fight Club and Lara Croft, however after reading multiple articles detailing the splits effect on the couple's kids, I found myself quoting Helen Lovejoy, and exclaiming, “Will somebody please think of the children!”

That was until I scroll down to the comments section and see all the half-wits and obsessives arguing and discussing the situation as if they know the two stars and as if their opinion has any bearing on the outcome.

Amongst these comments I see multiple users condemning Brad for smoking weed and even considering that to be the object of the marriage’s demise. I mean, come on, Brad might have been a bit of a dick but please don’t bring weed into this.

Smoking too much weed is a problem, much like doing too much of anything is, but the problem lies in the person's personality as opposed to the herb itself. I would rather the articles and comments described it as ‘excessive behaviour’ just to be vague and not tarnish weed and hold it back on it’s way to the top.

Excessive behaviour is a problem that haunts many celebrities, many are addicted to harder stuff than weed and it causes death. So I guess we can be thankful that Brad only smoked weed. All jokes aside I wish people would start basing anti-marijuana arguments around this incident and start realising the problem is with people’s negligence and general behaviour ruining things.

God! I just hope they get back together. I miss them so much. Looking at photos of them happy is just a bit too much.



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