Bill Would Legalize Marijuana In Delaware

Posted on October 13 2016

Local Delawarean William Bone, known as ‘Bill’ to his friends, has declared that were he given the option, he would make marijuana legal in Delaware. Bill Bone hails from Middletown in New Castle County, Delaware where he lives with his wife, Darla, and works as a janitor at St Georges Technical High School. Bone describes his marijuana usage as ‘casual but nonetheless enjoyable’ before reassuring members of the press that he would not deem himself a ‘stoner’ in the traditional sense but rather uses marijuana to wind down after long and stressful days at work. Upon meeting Bill you can’t help but find the man utterly pleasant, he’s probably just below average height, somewhat rotund with thinning hair, glasses, and a green chunky cardigan. He also seems to be perpetually smiling, which is nice.

Dan Jones, a local member of the Middletown community, recalls Bill in a positive way, saying, “Bill’s the kind of guy who will always be smiling, he genuinely enjoys helping others whether it be  in his job as a janitor or lending you his ride on lawnmower. One of my fondest memories of Bill was when we had a Halloween garden party one year and he brought sweaters around for everyone to wear so they didn’t get cold, he’s a bonafide local hero if you ask me.”

Darla states Bill was an occasional marijuana user when she first met him aged 18, and at 45 he still persists in casual usage. Darla says it has never caused any trouble for the two of them as a couple and has perhaps led to the two of them having a more relaxed life and perhaps a more passionate love life.

This whole situation originates from a speech Bone gave to his friends when they were a little bit stoned which was caught on camera by one of the aforementioned friends and subsequently went viral. In the speech Bone comments on the success of other states legalizing marijuana before going on to say, “were I a lawmaker in this state with high enough authority, I would legalize cannabis straight away.”



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