Biggest Stoner Icons

Posted on September 19 2016

In the twenty-first century, marijuana has crossed over into mainstream, pop culture in the US and become a cultural phenomenon in itself. However, this perhaps would not have been possible had it not been for certain celebrity endorsements by bonafide pop culture icons as opposed to counter-culture icons as in the past. I will go through the top celebrities I consider most influential on changing the status of weed in the mainstream.

Willie Nelson

The country singer is somewhat of the godfather in the world of celebrity marijuana users. Nelson shot to fame as a country singer in the seventies and from there became known for his marijuana activism, after being arrested for possession in 2010 Nelson created the TeaPot party with the motto ‘Tax it, regulate it and legalize it!’

Snoop Dogg

The California rapper arose in the early nineties, leading the resurgence in West Coast hip-hop alongside his partner in crime, Dr Dre. While Dre’s debut album was named The Chronic after the herb, it was Snoop Dogg who became the stoner icon going on to make his own stoner film with Wiz Khalifa called Mac & Devin Go To High School before launching into a brief reggae career as Snoop Lion after exploration of marijuana's cultural heritage.

Seth Rogen

After creating one of the most commercially successful stoner films of all time in Pineapple Express, Rogen has gone on to campaign for and advocate usage of the plant for medical reasons or otherwise. Rogen’s humor and popularity on a mainstream level has lead many to accept marijuana as a non-dangerous substance and also won the hearts of pre-existing stoners.

Method Man and Redman

It seems a tad unfair to put two-in-one however it would not be right to include these two rappers and it would be strange to have them individually. After releasing their full-length project together, The Blackout in 1999, the rap duo starred in possibly the most famous stoner film of all time, the cult classic How High wherein their characters smoke some marijuana fertilized with the ashes of a dead man meaning they gain entrance to College, and it all goes from there.



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