A stoner's guide to Christmas!

Posted on December 19 2017

After a year that could only be described as 'rough' in the general sense, Christmas is more of a well needed and earned break in 2017 than it was in the past couple of years.The holidays are a great time to be anyone, especially a stoner, I mean, come on, loads of food and sweets, family and friends as well as long lazy days lying on the sofa. For many this means a decent amount of time off work, which in turn means a large amount of free time in which to do things, whether that be inside or outside. This means you can essentially become a big kid for a few days of the year, which, you know, is always fun. If you have a family you will be able to spend time with them, if not then you will have time with your loved ones if you so chose, either way you will be able to essentially do whatever. So here a couple of things to do in the run up to Christmas which will make you feel like a kid again.


Somewhat of a cliche, but if you are lucky enough to live in an area where it snows, then you may as well make the most of it. Whether you are on your own or with your family or friends, sledging is really fun, I mean really really fun if you can find the right hill of course. Perhaps you should even take the time off to build your own wooden sledge. The only problem for a stoner can be the cold temperature required for snow is sometimes hard to bear, especially for rolling joints.


Xmas and food are synonymous with one another, and being a stoner, there a few people with a bigger appreciation for food than you. Why not try cooking the food for yourself this year, presuming you don’t already, as this will give you a whole new appreciation for what you eat. After all they do say that things taste nicer if you see them being made.

Video Games

Other than the more obvious television, video games are the perfect indoor activity, especially when it’s cold outside. In 2017 there are so many great video games on the market, and chances are there will be so many bundles and deals over Christmas meaning they will be pretty cheap. More immersive than a TV series and with the added option of multiplayer games, they are ideal for both lonely stoners and social stoners.

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