A Hack Or Two To Make Smoking More Pleasurable

Posted on December 06 2016

Smoking marijuana is great, but there are some minor hindrances which can arise when smoking marijuana. Obviously these are not major, more like minor niggles and mishaps which can occur, therefore many people will not acknowledge them as such. These may not be all that noticeable as problems, but I can guarantee that the solution will add a depth of luxury to your smoke. This isn’t going to include things like buy a Rolls Royce to smoke in, which really would make getting high more pleasurable, as it’s not practical and is unlikely that many people can afford that, one can dream though.

A major problem that can arise would be that marijuana burns all too quickly, to put it simply, you run out way too fast or smoke joints fast. There are ways you can remedy this, you can cut down on how much weed you’re smoking if you’re problem is that your weed runs out quickly. However, if it is simply that you find you are smoking joints to quickly, and still have a small amount of marijuana to spare, there is a brilliant, exuberant way of smoking your joint with a little extra. The honey joint or blunt is a great way to smoke marijuana, to make this you sort of baste your joint or blunt in honey, before rolling it in however much marijuana you would like. After doing this I would recommend adding a little bit more honey just to make sure the bud sticks before placing it in the oven on a low heat just so the honey dries and sets. Not only does the honey mean a slower burn but also the added weed on the outside of the joint means  that you will get a lot higher a lot quicker.

On top of this one, I tend to get annoyed by having to do menial tasks such as turning the TV or music on or changing the music and channel. To remedy this I would recommend putting something on before you get stoned that you are going to fully enjoy.



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