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Posted on March 03 2016

This isn’t going to be an article that brings into question the nature of war. I’m not writing it pro-war, but I’m also not writing as a pacifist. I’m writing from an objective viewpoint, simply looking at the soldiers suffering from PTSD as humans who could be helped through the use of medicine.

22 Veterans a day commit suicide in the US due to PTSD. That is an insane figure. However you feel about war in the first place is almost irrelevant. 

The VA prescribes veterans opiates and psychotropics as a means of combating their illness. Both are more dangerous that allowing them to treat their conditions naturally with cannabis. 

The Weed For Warriors Project is aimed at allowing equal access for veterans, pursuing marijuana as a medicinal (not recreational drug). There is a key difference. When you look at the medicinal benefits of marijuana then the legalisation of it (in this sense) becomes more of a human right than anything else. To refuse veterans (or anybody) something that could relieve pain or even prevents suicide just seems absolutely crazy to me. To then prescribe opiates as the alternative, which are more addictive and more dangerous, underscores the situation with a bizarre irony. 

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  • Johnny THCeeds: March 14, 2016

    This is a topic close to home. My life is plagued with PTSD and I know too well that reefer played a role at stemming the effects of this disease. I did not realize that reefer was actually helping me live with this condition for many years…. Unfortunately I quit medicating and over the following decade my PTSD became quite pronounced and debilitating. ….. The bad side of this story is that now most weed no longer offers relief to this condition. Quite the opposite, it aggravates the condition by causing overwhelming paranoia. This paranoia problem is the driving force for my quest to locate a handful of strains that would actually ease paranoia. …….. Keep in mind…. These strains did not bother me much until I had quit for an extended period and the disease progressed. By using all those years following the traumatic events, the progress of the disease was stayed. This leads me to believe the research being conducted with active combatants on the PTSD preventive effects of cannabis. Israel is dosing combatants returning from a bloody mission with heavy dosages of cannabis. It is believed that the Neuro-protective aspect of some cannabinoids prevent the formation of long term memories of the traumatic event. Evidently they believe that the cannabinoids prevent the chemical changes in the brain that are the precursors to the formation long term Post Traumatic Stress related conditions…….. In simple terms….. the weed blurs the memory of the events that may lead to PTSD…. thus preventing it. …… Based on my personal experience, I am wondering if you lose this prevention when use of cannabis is halted.

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