TV presenter quits jobs on air to become full time pot-activist gets arrested for smuggling.

Posted on February 29 2016

Can you remember Charlo Greene? She was in the news briefly back in 2014 when she quite her job in a pretty spectacular way! Greene was a presenter on an Alaskan TV station who announced “FUCK IT, I QUIT,” on live television before stating she was quitting to become a pot-activist full time. 


Now whilst there is a certain positivity behind the origins of the story (the public declaration, the perusal of a green cause, raising awareness and full on bad-ass drama), Greene has since been arrested for trying to smuggle weed into Canada across the British Columbia Border, and it seems her infamous declaration two years ago might have been the reason she was caught.


Greene, who runs the appropriately named GO GREENE activist organisation was making her way to Vancouver as part of a “pot tour.” Now although Greene was arrested for "smuggling," it’s gotta be said that’s incredibly misleading. As it happens, a customs agents recognised her from those news stories a few years ago as the “FUCK IT, I QUIT” lady and consequently gave her an incredibly intensive search. This involved going through her entire vehicle, luggage and even strip-searching her. In the end the agent found a small amount of cannabis residue at the bottom of her purse and put her under arrest. Now, it’s obvious that without her notoriety such an extensive search would not have taken place. 


There was “less residue than there was lint,” said Greene in a statement. “I’m incredibly disappointed.”


Greene was turned back at the border and had to cancel her tour, but the set back has not discouraged her and she is more keen to return to Canada and increase the efforts of her pot-activism. 


“It’s clear there is still so much work to be done. I’m planning on returning back to help!”


Good on you Charlo. 



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