New Sitcom About Weed

Posted on February 20 2016

So this story is in the early stages, but I thought it might be interesting. I remember be pretty disappointed by “Weeds,” but I still liked the idea of a programme that was set within the world of Stoner Culture. Given that marijuana is becoming more acceptable all the time, there are plans to create a new sitcom set around a Colorado dispensary with their staff and rotating customers as their main characters. 

I think what makes this interesting is that typically, programmes around drugs are by their very nature bound to be set in a world of covert operation and shady dealings. The usual tropes of dodgy characters and police/dealer conflict have been well worn. But, given that it is no longer illegal, these traditional conflicts have been removed now. This will hopefully mean we’ll get to see an insight into stoner culture of a more relaxed nature (and therefore a whole new side to what has come before it). I think there is great potential in this story and I’ve already started thinking about the kinds of people and stories I know that I could imagine fitting perfectly into this backdrop.

According to reports, Chuck Lorre, the man behind The Big Bang Theory, is the man pushing forward with this creation. There is no further information released as of yet, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out. 



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