Vape, dab or eat? Which is the best for you?

Posted on February 16 2016

As the medicinal values of marijuana are constantly reevaluated and the traditional negative tropes are challenged (often rightly so), the question of the best way to consume marijuana, and take on the positive effects of the plants, are also being challenged. If smoking isn’t for you, but you still want the medical benefits, then you have three main options; vape, dab or eat! I’m gonna quickly look at each method and try and address the benefits.

  1. VAPE

The rise of vaping has been pretty massive in the last few years, not only with cigarette users choosing to switch to e-cigarettes, but also with legal marijuana vaporisers entering the market. Vaporisers can eliminate up to 95% of carcinogens from the plant material. The high from the vape is especially pure, and as the plant never actually catches on fire then you don’t get the ashy irritants of a regular spliff. 
  1. DAB
Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis made by extracting chemicals from the plant, using solvents to heat it up. You are left with a waxy looking paste, similar to honey, which you put into an e-cigarette. Dab doses are extremely high with between 40%-80% THC levels. Dabs are not for first time users and can be especially dangerous to create - the butane used in heating has a risk of explosion. Dabs are for experienced smokers who want to a strong hit of THC levels. They are not recommended for first time smokers.
  1. Eat

Edibles are a great option for new users. Whether you buy them directly or make them yourself, edibles are a slower introduction that has a more gradual high. The health benefits over smoking are massive, but the trouble is, and especially for new users, it’s harder to measure the impact or the intake. Smoking has a far more instantaneous effect and if you’re smoking and you feel yourself getting too high you can instantly stop. As edibles take longer it’s harder to measure the intake empirically and as such your eventual high is more difficult to predict. But in terms of overall health, providing you start with a low level and build your intake up gradually, edibles may offer the best overall way to consumer medicinal marijuana. If you can get a great brownie recipe it may also be the tastiest! 




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