Man refuses to grass on 'weed-smelling' Uber driver.

Posted on February 16 2016

Imagine getting picked up by an Uber driver and being overwhelmed by the fact his car smells of weed. Now part of me would seriously worry about his ability to drive (and indeed I’ll point out here that driving stoned is as stupid as driving drunk!), but what if he wasn’t actually stoned and the smell was simply a hangover from a weekend hotbox?
That would be ok with me as I like the smell. I might even tell my friend “the Uber smelt of weed.” It would be a funny anecdote. I might, if I was bored, even Tweet about it. 
Well that was what Arsenio Hall did when he arrived in Washington. Now, I don’t know Arsenio Hall but I gather he is a comedian, and pretty successful considering he has 402k followers who read his tweet:
The trouble is, when you've that many followers there is a chance it will spread and reach Uber HQ, which is exactly what happened. 
Fortunately, at least for the Uber driver in question, Arsenio refused to narc. 



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