Vaping Is Nothing New (it's been around for centuries!)

Posted on February 08 2016


Have you seen the second season of True Detective? (For the record first was amazing but I thought the second was rubbish). Anyway, there's a bit where someone is smoking an e-cig, or 'Vaping', and another character says 'It looks like you're sucking a robot dick.' The underlying subtext of this remark is that the idea of vaping is fundamentally modern, if not futuristic. Vaping has grown massively in the last 5 years or so, but when you look at the principles behind it, you realise that Vaping has been around for years. Not as we know it now, of course, but the basic fundamentals of the technique of smoking is certainly nothing new.

First you have to look at what 'Vaping' actually is, and how it differs from just smoking. Well, to give it a surface level explanation, it involves heating ingredients - most commonly oil - to an optimum level before taking it in. That is exactly what modern Vaping devices do, and to an extent, it enables a better smoke than a regular cigarette or spliff as you're not burning the ingredients. The optimal temperature range for cannabis, for example, is between 180 – 210 °C for the perfect vape. When we smoke a joint in the traditional sense we are actually going above that (but the pros and cons of the method is for another day!)

Technically speaking the first real vaporizer was invented by Irfan Shiekh 1400 years ago. 


And before that, the principal was used in Egypt around 5th Century B.C.! 

“The Scythians take some of this hemp-seed and throw it upon the red-hot stones; immediately it vaporizes and gives out such a vapor as no Grecian vapor-bath can exceed; the Scythians, delighted, shout for joy.”

So whilst it may seem futuristic, at least with the glowing lights and electric batteries (or the fact you can charge your device on a plane!), the actual basics were exploited long ago. There is definitely an argument that understanding these principles is necessary to understand the optimum method of consuming cannabis. Whether you like sucking a robot dick or not is sort of by the by. 



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