Girl Scout Scores Off Stoners

Posted on February 08 2016


Have you seen that episode of 'Friends' where Ross has to sell girl scout cookies? He goes down to College Dorm Rooms where stoned students buy loads to crave their 'munchies.' Well, a San Franciscan Girl Scout might have seen that episode because she did something similar in real life.

Danielle Lei, entering the infamous competition to sell cookies, decided the principles of supply and demand could best be exploited by setting up a booth outside marijuana dispensary The Green Cross. The immediate demand curve is not necessarily boosted in the same way Ross exploited it - with many users buying but not immediately smoking - but the basic principle, combined with foresight, certainly seemed to work for the young girl. It was also a lot safer than having to hang out after dark, and also meant she could stay in one place rather than trekking up and down streets and knocking on doors randomly.

There is an element of altruism and obligation sometimes linked to the task, with many people finding it hard to turn down a cold call. But Lei skipped that entirely and found a pretty genius and legitimate way of boosting sales. The story was reported on Fox News and even had the presenters chuckling at her entrepreneurial spirit, joking that her cookies satisfied a real demand and were definitely more addictive than the marijuana.

The panel then compared it to leaving a bar at 2am, hungry and drunk, and buying fast food burgers. It was an interesting parallel and certainly reflected well on the marijuana users who left he dispensary at 2pm in a far more peaceful and respectable way! 





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